Obstacle Racers Australia started out as just a little information portal to keep track of the dozen or so races out there in Australia, but since June 2012 has grown beyond all expectations.

Thousands of Australian obstacle racing enthusiasts log on to this site every month to find out the latest info on races, so if you have a product or service that is targeted towards healthy, active people of both sexes and all ages who enjoy getting muddy and pitting themselves against challenges, then this may be the ideal site for you.

Since day one, we have provided free exposure to obstacle racing events around the country and will continue to do so. Until February 2013 we did not accept a dollar from anyone wanting to advertise an obstacle race, as we felt that doing so would jeopardise our objectiveness and impartiality. From March onwards we decided to cease this prohibition and will open up the ad banners on the website to obstacle racing events, but no editiorial control or influence will be granted to ensure our ongoing lack of bias. If an advertiser puts on a terrible event and our audience point that out, then that's just bad luck for putting on a terrible event!

Whilst we also provide any personal trainer or gym a free listing on the obstacle course racing trainer's page, fitness businesses can advertise on our site in addition to this.

Any other commercial product or service from shoes to clothing to magazines to compression gear to training programs to cookies to people who make walls for obstacle racing enthusiasts to practice on - you gotta pony up!

Advertising rates are very affordable as we are still very much a love-job hobby operation just looking to cover our costs and we rely on the generosity and patronage of commercial entities. We are not affiliated with any publication or event but totally independent.

For a full advertising proposal outlining website statistics and advertising options, please contact us today and we will send you out our Obstacle Racers Advertising Kit.


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