Getting Down and Dirty for Extreme Dash

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Mar 12, 2013

A Wellington mother is getting dirty for the sake of fitness, as she trains for the upcoming Warrior Dash in Wellington.

Nikki Styles will crawl through mud, scale walls and jump through fire on Saturday at the world’s largest running series.

It is the first time the Warrior Dash has been held in New Zealand. A second dash takes place in Auckland next month.

“I am feeling pretty excited. I am from the King Country, so I’m not worried about getting dirty,” says the mother of two.

Mrs Styles won her entry to the extreme outdoor event in a competition at the AMI Round the Bays last month.

Since then she has found alternative ways to get fit for the dash, which challenges competitors to clear 12 obstacles.

“My husband and I are starting a brewery, so there isn’t a lot of spare cash around to join a gym,” she says.

The 31-year-old asked herself what the best way to get fit would be while involving her two young children at the same time.

“We go to playgrounds two or three times a day. I put the kids on my back and walk up Mt Victoria.”

She uses monkey bars and rope climbs to train for the dash and says her children now ask her each morning which playgrounds they will visit that day.

Mrs Styles, who has struggled with her weight for some years, never thought she could do an event like the dash but says she is excited. “I’ve lost a lot of weight, so now I’ve got the confidence to do it and a goal to strive towards,” she says.

After gaining weight during her pregnancy, she needed support around her to help lose the kilos, so she started a Facebook group.

“We have 24 active members now. We’ve all lost about 10 kgs.”

Mrs Styles did Round the Bays with three of the members and she will take on the Warrior Dash with six of them.

“It’s the mentality of ‘if you can do it, I can do it’,” she says.

As well as her fellow weight-loss companions she will have her 60-year-old mother, a keen runner, by her side.

“I’m hoping she might have the strength to piggyback me across a few obstacles. It definitely won’t be the other way round,” Mrs Styles says.

Some entry tickets are still available for the dash, at Queen Elizabeth Park. Eleven groups of up to 400 people will run the five kilometres through fire, mud and barbed wire.


Check out the action at Queen Elizabeth Park, Whareroa Rd, Paraparaumu, on Saturday. Groups of participants start the obstacle course every half hour from 9am till 3pm. 


- Laura McDonald
Source: Dominion Post 12MAR13


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