Free True Grit Entries Up For Grabs

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Mar 8, 2013



Okay, so we got two FREE tickets to each of the upcoming True Grit obstacle races – Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney – to give away. This time around we are not going to ask you to find a penguin or buy a raffle ticket or come up with a cute anagram for T.R.U.E. G.R.I.T. (although you can if you want!)

This time around, it’s really, really simple.

Just make sure you are on our mailing list with up-to-date details on which state you are from.

On Wednesday evening 13th March, we are going to do a random number generation on each of the people that have South Australia listed, and give the winner one of the Adelaide passes. Then we will random the Queenslanders, and then the NSW/ACT gang and one winner from each state will score the freebie which is worth between $70 – $100.

And to make it fair on Victorians, Westies, Tasmudians and NT folk we will also do a random draw for those states as well cause we are just that awesome. If the winners from those states are not planning on booking a flight or driving thousands of clicks to take part, a second chance draw will be done – but this time just for SA, QLD and NSW/ACT.

Pretty easy, huh?

So if you are not already signed up to be on the Obstacle Racers mailing list, just head on over and fill in the form here.

If you are already on the mailing list but not 100% sure if you put your home state down when you signed up, you can put your email address in and update your details.

You have five days to comply – get moving!

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