Body Beyond Baby Tough Mums at Kings of the Sand

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Mar 6, 2013

Late February in some rather rainy and windy conditions (the words ‘torrential’ and ‘howling’ were bandied around quite a bit), the Tough Mums of Body Beyond Baby took to the sand dunes of Cronulla for a bit of a bash around the beach in the 2013 Kings of the Sand.  They sent in a review on the event and gave it six mudsplats, but went one better and sent in a more detailed outline of the fun that was to be had doing a beach obstacle course race when Mother Nature is being a mother… well, you fill in the blanks!


Body Beyond Baby, Sydney Training

The Tough Mums of Body Beyond Baby

Kings of the Sand… described as an awesome, leg pumping, heart wrenching 7km Obstacle and Sand assault course in the Cronulla Sand Dunes.  Sounds like a perfect first event of the year for the Body Beyond Baby Tough Mum team!

On Saturday 23rd February 2013, Sydneysiders woke to a lovely summer day… full of torrential rain, strong winds, and pounding seas.  But not one single mum contacted the rest of the team to discuss whether to cancel… they all turned up at 9am in their BBB Tough Mum outfits, soaking wet as soon as they exited their fogged up vehicles, waivers in hand, squinting as the rain pounded their faces and uniting with steely determination.

We were all set to go for the first wave at 10am.  But then we hit a few difficulties. When we arrived, organisers were battling the weather repairing some of the blown away course! We retreated to our vehicles to shelter, but were back before our start time, keenly warming up and doing dynamic stretching. 

And then we waited.

In sideways rain and cold wind, we shivered and admired each other’s goose bumps and blue lips.

Apparently there were delays due to some signs and directional markers getting blown away.  Then some gladiators got lost.  At least we were reassured that in our bright Tough Mum tops, a search and rescue chopper would easily spot us!  And we also burned over 100 Calories while we waited and shivered.

But 30 minutes later, the flares were ignited and the starting horn blasted.  And the Body Beyond Baby Tough Mums smashed Kings of the Sand!

The team ran in the sand, climbed up the dunes, conquered cargo nets, tyres, hay bales, and commando crawled through the sand.  There were also stations of burpees, crunches, push-ups.. and brainteasers! (Sarah was the only one who got the question right, but she still performed the punishment exercises with us! Great teamwork!)

And of course there were the Gladiators.  Lots of them!  We tried numerous strategies like dodging, shoulder charging, and wrestling.  But the one that saw fear in the gladiators eyes was when we all charged together as fearsome tough mums!

Halfway through the race, we lost Geraldine in the surf. As she went in and dived under, we wondered if she had taken a wrong turn, with one mum even calling out to remind her that it was not a triathlon. But no, she just went for a swim. Because that is Geraldine, and that’s how she rolls!  And she was onto something… later after crawling in the sand under cargo nets and through puddles, we emerged looking somewhat like schnitzels.  So the whole team went into the water and it was fantastic!  We even dried off with a few cartwheels up the beach.

And at the end of 7km of sand and rain, and 24 obstacles… the Tough Mum team finished! 

With no fanfare, no cheering crowd, no band, no beer or sausage sizzle.  
Hmmm was it worth it?… Hell Yes!  Challenging, rewarding, and lots of fun. 

We started as a team, and finished as a team.  Body Beyond Baby Tough Mums… Awesome!!

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