Training Tips Kids OCR Training Part 3 – by Nathan Brock, Spartan Outdoor Training & Fitness

Training Tips   |   Jun 26, 2014


Here is some ideas to incorporate in your Obstacle Race  /  Outdoor   activities. You can photocopy and resize as many as necessary then just cut  and laminate them to re-use. Alternatively hole punch the corners and put on  a key ring.


Some children may also need assistance in reading and judging distance. Just improvise where necessary.




These are a great idea to come up with your own activities. Simple photocopy how ever many you would like, and laminate to make them reusable. Simply write the activity on the cards and your away. Listed below is a couple of examples on how to use.

  • In a circuit type environment
  • Use as a bridge between obstacles or other outdoor activities

Use multiple in a scavenger hunt type scenario. This is great for one or multiple children.   Using the natural surroundings of a park, backyard etc, place several cards with activities on them in various places (not too hidden).  Make the children start from a particular point and send them out to find the cards, once they have, complete the task and return the cards to the starting point. Think outside of the square and doesn’t have to be strictly exercises,  use what you have and even get the children to help think of activities, and by doing so they will be less likely to become bored quicker.



Inflatable Fun Park