Sports Massage For Optimal Performance – by Dannielle Archer

Training Tips   |   Aug 1, 2013


massageYou’ve signed up for an obstacle race, and spent months training for the big day.  Maybe it’s your first race or maybe you’re a seasoned obstacle racer.  You’re at the start line and the adrenaline is beginning to pump through your veins.  A few last-minute stretches, and you start to realised how heavy your legs are feeling.  Your shoulders are aching, your lower back is sore, and that pain in your right hamstring feels like a sharp knife.  How can you expect to perform at your best when your body is already putting you at a disadvantage from the very starting line?

As a remedial massage therapist and avid obstacle racer, I know all too well the importance of taking care of your body through regular massage and stretching.  In fact, my very first obstacle race saw me crawling through the last 30 mins of the course due to hamstring problems that were only caused by my own ignorance of my body’s needs.  I finished the course, but was devastated with my time and felt like I had let my entire team down.  From that day on I vowed to give my muscles the rest and recovery they need through regular massage and stretching, and also to share my experience with others so that they don’t learn this lesson the hard way like I did.

I specialise in a unique system of sports massage that focuses on repairing muscles, reducing tension and pain, and preparing your body for the big day.  Regular training leads to consistent increases in muscle contraction and tension, and when this tension is left untreated in can cause pain, joint problems, muscles tears, and a whole range of other problems.  Most importantly, increased muscle tension increases your risk of injury during training or even on the day of your event!  This is why regular massage and stretching is so crucial.

In summary, expect the following benefits from regular massage:

  • Increased athletic performance
  • Reduced incidence of injuries
  • Improved flexibility
  • Reduced tension and pain
  • Improved muscle recovery

Whether you are new to training, have a specific problem you need addressed or are a dedicated athlete, massages throughout your training and before and after events is without a doubt the most effective way to improve performance and get you over the finish line injury-free and in a time you will be proud of.


Dannielle Archer is a popular remedial massage therapist located in Plympton, Adelaide.  Her unique system of sports massage incorporates a range of stretching and strengthening exercises tailored to suit your body’s needs.  Give yourself an advantage above the other obstacle racers by calling Dannielle today on 8297 5277 to book your first treatment.  Mention this article for a discount!

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