Shoe Recommendation

Q&A   |   Feb 1, 2015

Darren Wishart-Brown: Dunlop Volley. Lightweight, supportive and grippy.

Troy Small: Check out the inov8 range, something like the trailroc or mudclaw i think have a large drop available on them.

Greg Pott : Merrell Maipo. I originally bought them for trail running and they’ve covered 100s of kms but have also done 6 obstacle events. They drain well, have excellent grip in the mud and are easy to clean. They have a thicker sole than a minimalist shoe but not too much to make them unstable.

Olly Banx: Merrell all the way, shoes designed precisely for this kind of activity. I recommend a pair of the amphibious range. I’m on my third pair!

Daniel Kermode: Like Stephen, I bought a pair of Saloman Speedcross 3′s and have never looked back. Look at the reviews on Amazon to see what other obstacles racers think about the shoes.

Daniel Page: Salomon speedcross all the way, buy off Amazon delivered for around $110. Local shops want $200, just go there and get your size..

Michelle Kosmer-Dods: Salomon XA 3D pro ultra – the sole is not as aggressive as the Speedcross, but I’ve never gone ass-up on any trail, wet or dry

Adam-Raw Strength Qld: Inov8 x-talon 212. They have a 6mm drop from heal to toe but still light weight (212g) and have the best grip in the mud. For road running I use ON Cloudrunners which is as comfy as it gets, so when I did TM Sunshine Coast in the Inov8′s I was pleasantly surprised how good they were over 17.5klms. I’m convinced the extra grip makes a massive difference to calf tightness as you can just run in your normal stride instead of compensating for unsure footing.

Zoe Trent Colyer: Inov8 245(I think?) with insole, great!!

Stephen Booth: Yep saloman speed cross 3, have used other brands and had sustained 3 calf tears one after the other, in 4 months , changed to speed cross three and have completed spartan bris 14k, winter wArrior 15 k and black hawk 7 k and many other training runs , no soreness at all any more

Nigel McIntosh: Try the Inov8 mudclaw 300……awesome grip, and normal trainer type heel drop ! Pretty yellow colour too…..

Julie Batchelor: Salomon Speedcross! They are awesome! I have always used salomon…being originally from the UK I am used to doing cross county running in mud and they have never let me down! I have now done 4 races and a heap of training ks in the Speedcross I have and they are still going strong! Love love love them. Best place to get them is Wiggle! Give them a go! you won’t regret it Salomon

Brendon Williams: Inov8 bare grip 200 with an insole

Sharon N Burke Flynn: My hubby and I, and a few of our obstacle racing team are using the adidas kanadia trail running shoe for similar reasons. unsure if it is any lighter that the saucony ones sorry but seem to drain well and have good grip. Plus are affordable at about $120 – available from Rebel Sport or online Good luck and look forward to reading other feedback for future reference as well. Cheers Sharon

Thomas Perry: I recently got a pair of Salomon Speedcross3. They have a pretty aggressive tread and are very similar to a normal sneaker. Have used them for Winter Warrior Challenge (14km) and Operation Blackhawk (7km) and have been great :0)

Peter Davenport: Wore Salomon Speedcross at Blackhawk on Saturday.. Awesome. Didnt need to add my orthotics.

James Richardson: Being of the completely flat footed wearing orthotics fraternity myself, I simply can’t wear the minimalist runners either. Currently I use Adidas Kanadia Trail (I use orthotics in them in place of the standard liner), they seem to drain readily, don’t clog with mud and give great grip during obstacle races & trail runs

Michael Chalmers: I have heard Lots of good reports on Salomon trail running shoes. Plenty of grip – handles being wet / muddy not minimalist.

Mandi Goddard : I use Asics and wear inner soles and they are not heavy and have mesh so they drain well

Leica Gilbert: Would be interested to know what sort of minimalist shoe you went to? I changed over to a pair of merrell’s and have been having the same problem. I have only done 1 OR but wore a pair of asics that were more designed for outdoor running – better grip on sole etc. I didnt find them noticibly heavy.

Bruno Osredecki: I was in Kathmandu and they had some full running shoes with more mesh to let water drain. Sorry can not remember brand but they looked the business. They were comfy in store but I’m happy with my old reeboks for now. may consider these for +10km runs/races as less than $150


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