Suggestion for cramps

Q&A   |   Feb 1, 2015

Magnesium, all the sports drinks have so little mg and electrolytes in them - Gary Andrews

An electrolyte drink powder called Endura Optimiser, contains magnesium and electrolytes etc which as previously mentioned should stop the cramps. Good luck - Brendan Hunt

Bio ceuticals ultra muscleze – it’s magnesium + - Nicole Burr

Might sound unconventional, but i take a little zip lock bag of beef jerky on the run. Every 5km or so i stuff a mouthful down, the salt and protein really seem to help keep the cramps at bay - Matt Moreland

Magnisium and fish oil should do the trick - Erik Ogenstam

Magnesium and Salt are winners – but also maybe look at shoe choice overt the longer distance and also how tight your Tib Anterior is as well which can cause calf issues including cramping when your ankle flexion/extension is limited in any way - Tim Pickering

Start skipping as part of your training - Paul Gilbert

2xu Compression calf socks and pre load prior to event with tissue salts seems to help….have bad some wicked calf inversions…. - Daniel Tank Rowell

As previous posters have suggested, Magnesium in either powder or tablet form can help provide relief. - Victor Tuballa

I do yoga helps me. - Templa Peet

Some salt tablets just before you start will help, even carry a couple in a water prof bag with you - Hugh Wayne O’Brien

My mate stashes a few magnesium tablets in a zip lock bag in his jocks then chews one up every so often to prevent cramps. - Rebecca Louise Grimme

I get some pretty gnarly calf cramps from gym – the local chemist put me onto a powdered magnesium supplement (mix it with water) that I use that seems to reduce the severity and duration of cramps - James Richardson

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