Obstacle Course Training - Alexander Burns - Week 5 Blog

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Dec 10, 2016

Wow, so how about that month of November eh!

The OCT (Obstacle Course Training) Program has been ticking along nicely now for 8 weeks. I’ve found that having a well laid out program that I can plan my week around, and then just follow on the day. The further I have progressed through the program, the more I have come to love this. Instead of my haphazard self imagined program, having the designed mix of easy runs, pick ups and long runs has reduced a whole lot of pain and issues that I had been having throughout the start of the year. Moreover, I have worked though most of the videos on the website now and have defiantly answered a whole lot of questions I have had, and ones I didn’t know I should have had.

Having these regular types of runs I have been able to track my progress with solid numbers (who doesn’t love data !!!). I have found that not only am I getting faster but my heat rate is noticeably lower. They attempt to better your time / pace etc is controlled and not too regular intervals, but the occasional increase is a nice little encouragement.

I think the biggest benefit to me is that I hate not completing something, so my consistency has been pretty good getting almost all the workouts done. Keen to continue to watch this progress.

I am a firm believer of “results” talk, and this month has had plenty of opportunities to put the training to the test. November seems to be the month where Australia goes a little crazy and puts on some truly amazing events.

First weekend of the month, I was fortunate enough to hang with James, one of ORAs main men at Summit Survival. A casual 5 laps and lots of fun on the obstacle ridden course, feeling comfortable and smooth. The following weekend was my first Tough Mudder in Melbourne, which was sooooo so much fun, 2 laps Saturday and 1 on Sunday, again feeling pretty good. A nice casual warm up for Australias First Spartan Trifecta Weekend in Bright.

Few words really describe how “EPICA” the event was, completing my first Hurricane Heat, the Super and the main goal, my first Ultra Beast.

The Ultra Beast. The UB is whole different kettle of fish, for those that were there, or have been to Bright you will know and respect the hill called Mystic, (funnily I spent years as a kid crawling around their while my old man went hang gliding). Its no joke and has some of the most gorgeous views and trails Australia has to offer.

8 hours and 5 minutes later, I crossed the line to find out I placed 15 th in the field. The second lap of the run, heading back out and up Mystic for the third time, I wasn’t so sure I was going to be able to get there. But continued to keep chipping away at it. A lot of the trail running tips from Matt Murphy came to mind and really helped getting though it. And I’m sure the consistency of my training before hand helped me here on the back of an already big month.

Again very thankful to be working though the program, and its nice to have put it solidly to the test.

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