Obstacle Course Training - David "Diesel" Syme - Week 10 Blog

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Feb 15, 2017

While I completed the first half of the 20 week Ultra Program a little while ago I have purposely sat on this final post for a month to have time to digest the journey.

In clinical statistics, I covered a little under 400km but due to work commitments I had to make adaptions to the schedule and trained around bike tracks, National Parks, sporting fields, botanical gardens, iconic Aussie landmarks, bridges, creek crossings, footpaths and roads. Sometimes it was straight running other times I carried buckets, sandbags and even my Spartan gear. There was also some cross training components where I covered over 60km on a rowing machine (there were several options other than rowing machines).

I didn’t have access to a heart monitor so I didn’t get the maximum out of the Program but what I did get was insight on aspects of training that I hadn’t considered as well as increased endurance.

As a non-runner, did it make me a convert? I would have to say in all honesty no. However, I do now see the benefits of jogging in a different light and have included it more in my training regime since finishing the Program.

Everyone comes to a program with different expectations and different reasons for making that investment- and I do use the word investment because it is so much more than shelling out your hard-earned cash. It is also about how much time you are prepared to commit and that is the real investment. To not see it as an investment and only partially commit is like taking out a gym membership without setting foot in the gym. This program has significantly insightful resources and full-on workouts but at the end of the day, what you are prepared to commit (or not) will be the defining factor in where you are at when the journey finishes.

I am extremely grateful to Obstacle Racers Australia, as well as Matt Murphy, Ryan Atkins & Jonathan Albon from Obstacle Course Training for providing me this opportunity.

For now, it’s time regroup, smell the mud and put in practice what I have learnt as I navigate the new adventures that have already started in 2017.

See you on the OCR field of battle!

 David (DIESEL) Syme

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