True Grit Australian 24hr Enduro

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Mar 9, 2017

Former Special Forces Officer and Co-Founder of the 24hr Enduro, Adam McNamee talks us through how Australia’s Toughest 24hr Challenge was created

Tell us about yourself?
Prior to creating the 24hr Enduro and True Grit, I spent 15 years in the Australian Army, the majority within Special Operations as a Commando Officer. I was fortunate to work alongside some amazing individuals, across 8 operational deployments, spanning Afghanistan, Iraq, Timor-Leste and, also, domestically. My last position in the military, in the rank of Major, was as the Officer Commanding Special Forces Recruiting and Selection.

How was the 24hr Enduro created?
The 24hr Enduro was borne out of the Special Forces Selection process. The resilience and mental grit required to complete selection are similar attributes required to complete the 24hr Enduro. Although there are a number of obstacle races across Australia, there was no other race that bought the best obstacle racers together to compete for the Australian Title.

What exactly is the 24hr Enduro?
The 24hr Enduro, or Aussie Titles, is the premier obstacle race in the southern hemisphere. It is a 24hr obstacle race that can be competed as either a solo competitor or in teams of either 2 / 4 / 6, with a relay format. Teamed competitors can strategise when they change over with their partners on the 11km course loop. The unique aspect of this event is the ‘Pit Area’ also doubles as the camping area, with competitors moving in and out over the 24hrs. 

How do you prepare for the 24hr Enduro?
The 24hr Enduro is like no other event. Like Special Forces Selection, its designed to take you past your fitness, and push your mental resilience. Training should work around building the kilometers in your legs, whilst developing upper body strength to tackle the obstacles. First timers have also learnt that you need to train in your equipment/clothing that you’ll compete in. Items such as wetsuits and even having a hydration pack on your back will cause abrasion on body parts that aren’t prepared.   

Hardest part of the course?
The 24hr Enduro plays on a lot of psychological aspects with the course, including confined spaces, cold water and heights. A number of the obstacles involve water, either going over or full immersion. This aspect of being constantly cold and wet is probably the hardest part of the 24hr period. 

Must bring items?
Sufficient warm clothing and food supplies. As you can appreciate, keeping the body warm involves the majority of competitors wearing wetsuits during the night period. Calorie intake is also another issue, and best utilising the transition period between laps to consume food that is both nutritious and palatable. Having ‘pit crew’ or friends and family to help out are also a must have for the event.


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