SGX Endure Launch Day Review

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Jul 28, 2017

SGX Endure (Victoria) – worth your time because:

- A+ SGX Coach that knows what he’s doing
- Your level does not matter in the slightest
- Be at one with your Spartan Community / Make new friends
- Value for money
- Guaranteed hard work and accomplishment
- There are dogs there

Hey everyone – Spartan Global Brand Ambassadors Amy Reynolds (and also Alex Burns) here, ready to tell you how to best make your body hate you improve yourself on a weekend.

If you had of told me two years ago that I’d be standing on an oval, freezing cold, holding a kettlebell over my head (AND ENJOYING IT) I would’ve kindly told you to f**k off.  I guess that’s the power of the obstacle racing community.

SGX is the Spartan Race certified coaching qualification.  Joe De Sena (the founding father/God of Spartan Race) set up SGX to provide adequate training for coaches, so they could exemplify and teach the ideals that the race and the community stand for.

So, with that in mind, let me tell you about a man named Richard “Skullface” Williams.

SGX Endure is a new venture undertaken by Spartan MC, Hurricane Heat Torturer, EBC Bootcamp frontman, “Semi-Professional” Stuntman and general all round nice guy Richard.  This is a man who really doesn’t care if you’re fresh off the couch, a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior, or, in a very specific niche with me, a sidelined professional athlete with a heart “thing” and one working leg. He’s the king of the scaled workout, there’s never an exercise you can’t swap if you’re injured, and he can pretty much give you guaranteed DOMS – no matter your level. 

SGX Endure is set up as a 90-minute session – BUT – how long you go for depends on where your at in your training. You will be split up into Spartan-themed groups: Sprint, Super, Beast, and something called a Stormchaser. I’ve only ever seen one person complete the Stormchaser 90 (shout out to Kris Donald) and it certainly looks like a workout and a half.

Your grouping also determines what kettlebell weight you use – 8 for Sprint, 10 for Super, 12 for Beast, and 16 for Kris Donald. I mean, the Stormchasers.

The first 30 minutes of SGX Endure is focused on Mobility and Activation, injury prevention, stability, and generally building a better foundation on which to build, something we quite often forget to do when we’re chasing #beastmode all the damn time. Don’t be fooled, you WILL work up a sweat, you will be at your limit if you are fresh off the couch, and you will be ready and have “activated your almonds” (thanks Mum) ready for the next level.

The second 30 minutes are Endurance and Strength work.  Think moving kettlebells around, a bit of running, lots of partner work to build some friendships (because teamwork makes the dream work or something along those lines) lots of sweat, zero puking. I love it when I don’t puke.  SGX Endure aims for the slow grind of constant intervals, if that makes sense. Don’t expect not to work hard. You can scale it, sure. But you’ll still be working hard.

The final 30 minutes are what Richard calls “Mental Toughness” or something along those lines. What might break you will definitely build you, and that’s what we’re aiming for here. Hard, tough, slightly ridiculous work.

Richard says that if you DON’T fail at something, he is not doing his job properly. I loved this, because learning to fail at things is something I’ve been working on – and for reasons that will become quite clear if you ever get the pleasure to have a chat to him, is something you should be working on too. Failure equals room for improvement. I don’t care if you think the sun shines out of your bum, you still have room to improve.  Come and find where that room is.

Richard’s face to face group SGX Endure training sessions are on a Saturday morning, Caulfield-ish. It’s in a park that has REALLY GREAT DOGS running around to help with the pain of the whole “exercising” thing.  Guaranteed good work out, guaranteed dog pats. I’d recommend both.

My personal favorite part of Richard’s new venture is the one I’m about to plug – he’s also set up an online training program.  I’m a traveling consultant, meaning I’m rarely in Melbourne, and it’s even rarer I can attend anything at all.  Richard has set me up on an app called Trainerize, where he can program my workouts around my rehab for my leg, what I need to be working on at any given time, and he can view and adjust when I’m doing the workouts and for how many reps. It’s moved me out of viewing work trips as “time off”, to really making my work schedule fit around my training schedule. If you’re someone like me, who’s working too much, or just never around – get yourself set up with Richard on this app. 

We’ll end on this - Richard is, by far, one of the greatest coaches I’ve ever had. I’ve trained in a dozen different countries, under more coaches than I can count, and Richard is one of the very few who isn’t focusing on my body fat percentage, or my competition results.  He’s been focusing on helping me improve as a person, on how I feel and pulling me up on that very tricky rollercoaster that is injury rehab. This venture is something I am extraordinarily excited about, because he is bringing the effective training to YOU – the people of OCR. He’s aiming for adjustable, accessible, and fun improvements to get you over that finish line, regardless of if it’s in an hour, or ten.

So for this one, we’d definitely recommend it – do something for yourself. Be your own damn fitspo. Get out there, meet some people at these sessions, or get online. Just get involved. You won’t regret it.

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