24HR Enduro World Championship 2018 Q&A with True Grit and OCRWC

Australian Obstacle Racing News   |   Aug 2, 2017

Obstacle Racers Australia sits down with True Grit Co-Founder and Managing Director Adam McNamee to ask some questions about their upcoming 24 Hour Enduro World Championship event scheduled for June 9 + 10, 2018 in Sydney.

Q) What is the difference between The OCR World 24 Hour Enduro Championships and the normal True Grit 24 Hour Enduro Aussie Titles?

A) The OCRWC 24hr Enduro is the shift from a single world championships in the northern hemisphere to a dual world championships, played across both a short course (15km - overseas) and long course (24hrs - Sydney). The course itself will be a similar 10-11km loop to the Aussie Titles, however there will be a shift with some new obstacles not seen before. The teams category will also be minimised from 2/4/6 person categories to a 4 person category (M/F).

Q) Will athletes have to qualify or is it open entry?

A) Elite categories will have to qualify, like all OCRWC events. All other categories will be open entry to anyone.

Q) Can we expect to see obstacles purely from True Grit or will there be obstacles included from other races as OCRWC does?

A)There will be number of new obstacles for the OCRWC 24hr Enduro. Being a 24hr race, there will be less emphasis on 'Rig' type obstacles, as athletes will find these difficult to complete over a 24hr race. The course will follow a traditional 10-11km loop, with obstacles shaped through grasslands, woodlands, granite escarpments, temperate rainforest and swamp. We would also love to see other Australian OCR companies contribute obstacles, similar to the way OCRWC operate at Blue Mountain, Canada.

Q) The involvement of Destination NSW means there's tourism potential seen for the event, right? For athletes travelling over from NZ, and obviously from the US, Europe and etc, will there be accommodation offerings or other support available?

A) We are currently talking with DNSW and Accor hotels. We will update competitors shortly, but we intend to have accommodation packages available. The intent in 2018 is that we will open the pit / camping area from Friday through to Sunday.

Q) Have you ever thought about the True Grit series jumping across the ditch and holding a NZ race?

A) We have looked at NZ, but at the moment our offshore focus is with True Grit Asia. We have currently signed licensees in Indonesia and China and entering negotiations with Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. With an amazing landscape like NZ, we would love to have a NZ licensee though!

Q) Will the camping location be changed to accommodate more tents / people?

We are currently looking at doubling the capacity of the pit / camping area for 2018. We're also looking at other infrastructure improvements.

Q) Will it be less subject to flooding?

A) We hope so!

Q) How many participants do you expect to be attending?

A) We're estimating that the OCRWC 24hr Enduro for 2018 will have around 1,000-1,250 participants.

Q) How does the Dual Crown Championship work?

A) The Dual Crown Championship will work on a points system between the two events. We will release specific details shortly.

Q) What are the different divisions for the 15k OCR World Championship?

The following divisions are available:

  • Pro Men (qualification required)
  • Pro Women (qualification required)
  • Men’s Age Group (18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+)
  • Women’s Age Group (18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+)
  • Men’s Team Relay (4 person)
  • Women’s Team Relay (4 person)
  • Co-ed Team Relay (2 men + 2 women)
  • Women’s Age Group (18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+)
  • Men’s Pro Four Person Team Relay
  • Women’s Pro Four Person Team Relay
  • Men’s Open Four Person Team Relay
  • Women’s Open Four Person Team Relay


Q) What happens if an athlete wins one title in their division but not the other?

A) As we know, there are good 'sprinters' and 'endurance' obstacle racers. The dual crown is about finding the overall best obstacle racer in the world. The points system will dictate who is overall world champion.

Q) Will there be a normal True Grit event running that weekend?

A) We will run the normal True Grit event on a weekend before the OCRWC, thus allowing the OCRWC to be run on a dedicated weekend.

Q) What time will the Enduro event be starting and ending?

A) At this stage we are planning on starting the first wave at 1200 midday on the Saturday, through to 1200 midday on the Sunday. The elite categories will be first waves, with teams following.

Q) Is there a limit on how many Enduro participants can participate?

A) We will limit the number of participants, to ensure we minimise any chance of bank ups. We will also stagger starting times for different categories. These details will come out in due course.

Below is a list of other Q&A gathered from the OCRWC website or official Facebook channels and collated for your reference.

Q) Where and when is the event being held?

A) The 2018 24 Hour Enduro Championships are being held in Sydney, Australia on June 9-10, 2018.

Q) How can I qualify?

A) Qualification is required for all Pro divisions. There are no qualification requirements for Age Group divisions. Qualification criteria can be found on the OCRWC website.

Q) What is the cost to register?

A) Entry fees vary based on your desired division. Please visit the event registration page for the most up to date information.

Q) What is the OCRWC’s refund policy?

A) In the event of cancellation by OCRWC organizers, participants will be issued with a full refund of their registration fee. Refunds are not provided otherwise.

Q) What if I am injured and cannot compete?

A) Registered athletes unable to compete due to injury or personal circumstances may defer their qualification to the following year. The following year’s registration fee is not waived in these instances. Complete this form to defer your qualification.

Q) Can I transfer my spot to a friend?

A) The OCR World Championship Enduro is intended to be a competition between the best obstacle course racers in their respective divisions. As such, transfers of race entries are strictly prohibited. Athletes found to be in violation of this policy may be banned from the World Championship and future OCRWC competitions.

Q) Is there a fee for Pit Crew?

A) Yes there is a $20 fee for pit crew.

Q) What's the obstacle completion policy for the event under the OCRWC rules, and are there different rules for elite vs age categories?

A) There will indeed be penalties (which will be more significant than 10 burpees) and yes, the same penalties will apply across all divisions. 

Q) Will some obstacles be mandatory to complete rather than taking the penalty instead (i.e. sandbag carry or similar)

A) Yes

Q) When registering a "Pro" team, does each individual have to qualify as a pro individually?

A) You only need to qualify when registering for "Solo Pro" division

Q) Can participants register in the pro-division, then downgrade to age division if they are unable to qualify in time?

A) You can downgrade from "Pro" to "Age" division at no charge, but there will not be a refund of the different in price.

Q) How many qualifying spots are available at True Grit qualifying events?

A) True Grit have opened up qualifying to Top 10 (previously Top 5)

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