Reebok Terrain OCR Shoes

Product Reviews   |   Jun 4, 2014

Reebok have entered the obstacle racing market recently with much fanfare, from naming rights sponsor of Spartan Race to a range of obstacle racing specific gear.   One of the first to hit Australian shores are the All Terrain shoes which two Obstacle Racers got to test out and do a review on them for us.  Here’s what they had to say:

Obstacle Racer David McDonnell

I was lucky enough, thanks to ORA and Reebok, to score a pair of the brand new Reebok All Terrain Series shoes when they first hit our shores last month, the first dedicated OCR shoe on the market.

I must start by saying that these are just my observations and that shoes fit, feel and function differently for everyone, and based on putting these shoes through a dedicated obstacle test, the results for me, were a little mixed.

At first glance the shoes look the goods with some edgy colours and grippy looking lugs on the bottom and as you would hope for a race shoe, they are really light. The fit won’t work for all feet shapes as they are really narrow and as they are also low profile (minimal drop) they gaped a little around the ankle, even when fully tight. A key area that I think should always be considered on any trail or OCR shoe is a toe guard and unfortunately these don’t have one, which leaves your toes exposed when hitting walls on the run or dropping of stuff. Running along the trails they felt like a fast race shoe but as you have to expect they aren’t very supportive if you have any sort of ankle or knee issues.

When I hit the obstacles I was really keen to see how they performed as this is obviously the key for an obstacle racer and a shoe with good grip (on wet, muddy slippery surfaces) is paramount. Three great grip testers are the rolling balance logs, balance beams and a large ramp which my current shoes eat up and spit out. Unfortunately the All Terrains were really below par here, with clear slippage on all 3 obstacles. The tell tale sign was when I ran up the ramp side by side with my mate and we stopped halfway up to compare apples for apples. He stayed put with no effort where I frustratingly slid back down to the bottom. The rubber compound appears to be too stiff and there are some similar big name brands that also appear to use a similar compound and they also are pretty much not touched for OCR purposes.

I really wanted this shoe to be awesome but for me the cons outweighed the pros, and that unfortunately can’t make for a positive review. I have given these a couple of runs now and will wear them again to ensure I test every aspect of them but to date I have been a little underwhelmed. That can be expected with the first prototype of a shoe. Thanks for the opportunity to test.


Obstacle Racer Melissa Whyte Woosnam

I raced in the new Reebok Terrains on Saturday, in Melbourne for the Spartan Sprint. As I geared up to race, nervous as usual, I laced them up with the timing chip, and started to warm up, they felt great, very secure and comfortable.

As the gun went off to start racing I proceeded through the course, up and down the grassy terrain, muddy trails, rolling muddy hills, and water crossings, they held up excellent with drainage. As soon as I was out of the water the water drained away really quickly.

The tread was great up and over the muddy rolling hills, I didn’t slip at all, and they didn’t get stuck with any rocks thanks to the specially designed rock guard. I did however find them a bit difficult on the ‘slippery wall’, the shoe itself didn’t tract well to the wall itself and was extremely hard to get traction and momentum over the wall. Usually I have never had issues with this obstacle in the past using innov8′s. Perhaps the grip is made out of a harder plastic rather than a more rubber like sole if you know what I mean. The shoe was stuck with a bit of mud in between the tread, so I had to try and flick it out to continue.

Other than that the new Reebok Terrains are very light weight, drained extremely well with water running away immediately and they worked well with no issues trailing through the mud. I didn’t get any blisters, or sore feet and the laces stayed in place.

If I would recommend them, then yes I would , overall they did work well, maybe I have to have another go at that ‘slippery wall’, for a second opinion, I do believe they have held up as to what they where designed to be, an Obstacle Racers Shoe.

Great job Reebok! It’s a new shoe and no doubt through more testing and reviews I believe it will be the shoe of choice for OCR in 2014.

Thanks to Obstacle Racers Australia for the opportunity to test these shoes out, was such an honor, and I truly appreciated the experience.

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