G-Loves – by Susanne ‘Soozy Slugworth’ Elliot

Product Reviews   |   Mar 25, 2014

I was so excited when I received the gloves in the mail. I was lucky enough to win the opportunity to give them a test run and review. I ripped open the package from G-Loves and this is what it contained:

  • gloves1The Peacock design G-Loves
  • A zip lock hard wear plastic bag to store gloves
  • A tea sachet
  • A Christmas card!

Wanting to get started right away, I pulled on the gloves and continued about my morning. I did the dishes, swept and mopped and took my three dogs to the dog park. Our local dog park has an agility section with a trail that skirts the outside. Now, I am aware the agility area is supposed to be for DOGS however, I obstacle race, so everything I encounter is an opportunity to train. So as per usual, I let the dogs off the lead and started my run. After a warm up lap, it was time for the under/overs! Being the middle of summer, the dark dirt in the course warm, dusty and dry so scrabbling through the tunnels, around the posts and over the blocks was crusty affair; the back of the glove has a peep hole over the knuckles, so a lot of dry dirt and rock went straight into that area. Mix that with sweat and it became a little uncomfortable. Luckily, the gloves have an easy pull Velcro back so I could rectify the issue whilst I was running and when I passed a tap, a small wash and they were perfect again.

Once I was home, it was a matter of giving the gloves a quick rinse to clean them and store in their handy bag awaiting next use. I was hoping to give them a great test at the “Blackout” Obstacle Race however that was postponed indefinitely and with the next race in Perth not coming up until May I needed to find other ways to push the gloves limit. Next stop – rock climbing!

gloves2I generally get quite sore palm pads when belaying for climbers, which in turn affects my climb. However, when wearing the G-Loves it took this issue away completely – exciting! We managed to climb for a longer period (3.5hr compared to an average of 2hrs, although I could have done more) and I was able to belay for more people, climb harder walls for longer and boulder longer. I’d count that as a win. My hands did get a bit sweaty during the harder climbs but I didn’t need to use that gross white climbing chalk which I find doesn’t really help and dries out your hands, so I was happy to compromise. Also, as the G-Loves have web
padding in the palm and on the finger loops, they gave more grip and there was no chance of destroying the gloves in those high wear areas.

Since receiving the G-Loves I use them for every activity I do whether it be mountain biking, outdoor skating, weight training, running, bag workouts, floor circuits (ohhh they save your hands slipping everywhere during planks/push-ups and burpees!), rock climbing and of course obstacle racing.

Here is the write up from their website:

The peacock possesses some of the most admired human characteristics and symbolizes integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors. The Peacock can elevate self-esteem levels.
- Made of lightweight Neoprene that breathes, wicks moisture and contours to your hand
- No slip “action traction” grip enhances your workout satisfaction
- Cropped fingers are short on length but long on versatility! Open knuckle design so you can show off your bling!
- Say no to gym germs, hand fatigue and calluses
- Washable—: A little soap and water, hang to dry
- Designed for: weight-lifting, running, yoga, Pilates, activities that require grip and black tie affairs
- Fabric: neoprene with a contrasting lace trim
- Properties: moisture wicking, chafe resistant, breathable


I originally ordered the Small however after a discussion with the staff, they sent me the Medium. I am glad they did as the medium is perfect on my 7.5 inch hands. So perhaps order up a size. They are snug fit around the palm, there is plenty of room to move in the wrist and to easily make a fist. They slide on and off very easily so if you do want to remove them mid-exercise you won’t skip a beat. The Peacock design is certainly eye-catching and does not fade with time or wear. I get comments and compliments on them all the time! The lace trim really sets off the G-Loves and adds that extra bit of personality, and again does not get wrecked during activities.


  • Gorgeous! Who doesn’t want a usable training accessory that looks cute?!
  • Easy to wear and wash. Dirt and rock comes out with just water but I am guessing it’ll need a bit of soap after a mud obstacle race.
  • Fit is lovely. Almost feels like another layer of skin.
  • Reinforced in all the right areas.
  • The finger loops sit where you wear your rings. So you can choose to let your bling hang out or tuck it in under a loop to protect it from wear (an excellent feature for wedding ring protection during obstacle racing).


  • They are made from neoprene – so essentially stubby holders. When you are just running in the gym or similar your hands do get pretty slimy with sweat so if you are just wearing them to look cool, then maybe think about stashing them for when you will need them.

I found it really hard to come up with any CONS to tell you the truth. For the low price tag of $45 they are well worth the investment as you can use them for so many things and you will look uber cute too!

Buy your G-loves now here

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