Obstacle Armour Product Review – by Dog Musgrave

Product Reviews   |   Mar 25, 2014

Some out there believe that obstacle racing is all about getting cut up and bruised and wearing scars like badges of honour for days and weeks after each event.  These folk scoff at the thought of gloves or padding or other protective items – yet for some reason they are all still wearing shoes to protect their footsies!

If you are one of these people then you will not be at all interested in this review and I recommend you stop reading now and go for a barefoot run to toughen up your soles, you hypocrite!

But if you are someone who doesn’t mind taking a few precautions to minimise skin and blood loss and are tired of having pizza elbows and knees after each event then you might want to take a look atObstacle Armour.

Effectively these are like compression sleeves or cycling arm-warmers with a thin yet effective layer of padding positioned over the bony bits of you that are most often found scraping and bashing into all the obstacles we throw our bodies at.

I have never had that much of an issue with getting cut up and bruised myself, but a few years back I had a metal plate installed in my right elbow after coming off my pushbike over the handlebars (long story, my fault, not the driver of the car I bumped into).  This bit of stainless lies just under the skin on my forearm I found that crawling across hard-packed dirt or through tunnels can result in the skin over edge of the plate can break open.

I tried mountain biking downhill elbow pads which were heavy and got waterlogged and moved around a bit, then I tried a Kooga footy forearm guard which was slightly better but still heavy when soaked and although it stayed in place whilst crawling and clambering still came off when swimming.

Then I grabbed a pair of Obstacle Armour armguards, which I’ve worn at six races now.  The first time was at Holt Bolt, which this was a late-morning January race on a relatively warm day with no water obstacles until very late in the course I found them a bit hot.  Since then I have done Mud Run Emerald, Tough Bloke Melbourne, Mad Cow Mud Run Shepparton, Dirt Wars Survivor and Raw Challenge Central Coast wearing just one sleeve on my metalwork elbow, and have had no issues whatsoever with the skin breaking over the plate. In fact, I find myself favouring just this elbow as I know that it’s protected more than my good one.  Might be time to start wearing both with the cooler weather kicking in!

So if your day job is one where turning up to work on Monday without pizza elbow and knees is preferable, take a look at Obstacle Armour - especially right now as they are rebranding after a naming dispute with Under Armour.  You can score Obstacle Armour for 60% off while stocks last if you hurry!

- by Dog Musgrave 

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