Geigerrig Rig Ultra (Cadence) Hydration System – by Nigel McIntosh

Product Reviews   |   Oct 21, 2013

geigerrigBladder: 1.5 Litre., quick-release valves for drinking tube and pressurization tube for easy refill and bladder removal, slide top for easy refill, cleaning and drying.

Fabric: Poly Mesh – Stretch, Breathable, Light Weight

Length: 40cm

Width: 33cm

Weight: 500 grams

Where Geigerrigs differs from other hydration packs in the market is the pump, which inflates an pocket in bladder which in turn forces the liquid up the drinking tube! I was wondering is this actually a gimmick or is it indeed useful as let’s face it…if you’re so tired you can’t suck a drink through a tube…you’re in real trouble.

The pump forced feature does indeed make drinking easier and I think where us obstacle racing types may find it useful is that you wouldn’t need to put your mouth over the mouthpiece if its covered in mud etc.It can just jet the liquid into your mouth. Where I found this pressure system worked the best for me was while taking on a gels, I usually struggle to swallow these but using the Geigerrigs I could easy squirt liquid into my mouth to aid in the swallowing process.

The pack itself fits easily onto your body with two front straps to aid stability and ensure a comfortable fit. The Rig Ultra  pack itself  provided no discomfort while running, swimming or doing burpee’s  (there’s another advantage: flotation device in water) . You do need to adapt when crawling in to a pipe or some such tight space as it will obviously stick out further than your back but it’s very quick and easy to undo and carry if need be.

The drinking tube in other packs can get in your way while running and this can be a nightmare in a obstacle race as anything hanging out tends to get caught up on obstacles but the tube on the Rig Ultra slips back into the shoulder strap, a great idea.

I have now ran with this pack through two courses Spartan Super in Melbourne and Tough Mudder Sydney and I didn’t go easy on it e.g. Rolling under the “barb-wire crawl” sure it was a bit bumpy but no leakage. This pack is tough ! In fact I saw a demonstration at Spartan Race where they were getting people to jump onto the bladder – no problem.

Cleaning, the pack, bladder and tubes all come apart/put back together with ease. The bladder is designed to be turned insideout and is dishwasher friendly (I did this twice) I have also machine washed the pack.  A bit of the logo came off in the wash but that’s no issue for me. After cleaning it easy to reassemble and your ready to roll.

I’m giving 8 of 10 for this product, I didn’t hold back on the testing and certainly smashed it around and I think they are about as good as it gets for obstacle racing events, it should be noted that due to the nature of these events and that these packs aren’t indestructible so expect the odd rip/ tear etc.

*Note Geigerrigs doesn’t improve your spear throwing ability


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