Peak Crossing Spartan race not for the faint-hearted

Media Scrapbook   |   Feb 6, 2014

CAN YOU DO IT? Thousands of people competed in the gruelling Spartan event held at Peak Crossing last year. Sarah Harvey

BIGGEST Loser trainer and former Special Forces solider Steve “The Commando” Willis is no stranger to gruelling fitness challenges.

But there is one endurance event that even he flinches at.

Returning to Ipswich once again, fitness fanatics are flexing their muscles in anticipation of a military-style obstacle race called The Spartan Race.

And according to Mr Willis, crossing the finish line is no simple task.

Much like the Spartan gladiators of old, competitors will crawl through mud, jump fire and throw spears as they race towards the end of the course.

“The races are designed to be challenging with arduous terrain and tough obstacles,” he said.

“But that’s what makes competing in these races more worthwhile.”

Having taken part in many Spartan Races, Mr Willis said there were moments when even he experienced a little self-doubt, faced with some of the obstacles.

“But it’s like any other challenge in life – it’s living in the moment and overcoming it,” he said.

“Those kind of challenges force you to dig a little deeper, try a little harder and you come out the other end a better person for it.”

The series of obstacle races vary in distance and difficulty from the 7km sprints to the 42km ultra beast marathons.

For any inexperienced people interested in obstacle course racing, Mr Willis recommended the 7km Sprint, which will be held in Peak Crossing next month.

With more and more entrants each year, obstacle course racing is becoming an extremely popular event for people to test their inner fortitude and determination.

Mr Willis said events like the Spartan Race were so popular because people wanted to test themselves.

“People want the opportunity to get out there and challenge themselves both physically and psychologically,” he said.

“A lot of people start these races thinking ‘geez, I’ll never finish this’.

“But with the help of friends or individuals on the course supporting them, they get to the end and realise they can do it.”

The next Spartan Race

  • Will take place at Peak Crossing on March 8
  • Start times are staggered throughout the day from 7.30am-3pm
  • To register visit
  • Registration closes at 5pm on March 5

- by Chris Owen, reposted from The Queensland Times 06 FEB 14

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