Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch Do An Obstacle Course!

Media Scrapbook   |   Jan 9, 2014

Ready for your philosophical question of the day? When two hot men like Taylor Kitschand Mark Wahlberg race each other through a giant inflatable obstacle course, who would win?

Trick question. It’s the viewers who win in this situation, because we are the ones who get to witness Taylor and Mark bounce off walls, roll over one another and playfully wrestle. All we need is a comfortable recliner and a big jar of cheese balls to stuff in our mouths while we watch and we’re all set.

The Lone Survivor costars went on Ellen to promote the new film, and because Ellen DeGeneres really understands what her viewers want, she had the two hunky men race through an obstacle course to earn money for the charity of their choice. Since both Mark and Taylor had trained with Navy SEALS to prepare for Lone Survivor, they are both in excellent shape. Which begs the question: why did you let them keep their shirts on, Ellen?! Damn.

Anyway, watch them adorably fight each other through the course, and feel free to take bets on who you think will come out the winner. If you win, you get to watch the video again. If you lose, you get to watch the video again. Isn’t this country great?

reposted from E!ONLINE, 09 JAN 14

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