Australia Ninja Games

Australia Ninja Games - Obstacle Race / Mud Run

Australia Ninja Games started in 2018 and current. Australia Ninja Games is where anyone could enter and allowed three falls on a course if needed. There are 2 state qualifiers at each state (e.g. Queensland) and there are 1 national and 1 world in each Season.

In Season 2-3, we will be having 2 season, which is two state qualifiers and 2019 Nationals (after worlds) and two state qualifiers and 2020 Nationals then, Worlds. Therefore, anyone you qualified at 2019 and 2020 Nationals are qualified to go to worlds. This occurred to line us up correctly with UNAA.

To this day, we are still working to make Australia Ninja Games an amazing sport. We are excited to see ANG to continue to grow.


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