Muddy Hell

Muddy Hell - Obstacle Race / Mud Run

Muddy Hell is Melbourne’s muddiest obstacle course.
With different events to suit kids, teens and adults through out the year, there’s something for all ages and fitness levels.

Runners will get the opportunity to face the most brutal and challenging winter obstacle course event Melbourne has seen so far.

Suitable for all fitness levels, with no penalties for failing or skipping an obstalce, but plenty of variety to challenge you. You can run solo or just enjoy a bit of fitness and a few laughs with friends.



4 Jul 2020 Muddy Hell - Kids and Teen - Yarra Valley
Yarra Glen, VIC

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Yarra Glen, VIC
 - Obstacle Race / Mud Run in VIC
Muddy Hell - Kids and Teen - Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley Racecourse
Yarra Glen, VIC

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Muddy Hell - Yarra Valley