YMCA Rat Race

YMCA Rat Race - Obstacle Race / Mud Run


The YMCA Rat Race is a cheeky cheesy and challenging annual event and is designed for maximum fun and ir-RAT-ional behaviour!

Teams of four will be given a large novelty inflatable cheese to protect and carry with them for the duration of the race and across the finish line.

Our dedicated ‘Pest Patrols’ will be out to run interference and ‘rescue’ the cheese - adding that extra level of RATified intensity.


Why is YMCA RAT RACE Fundraising ??

More than 25% of Australian children go to school hungry. This significantly impacts their ability to learn and absorb information. Consequently their grades and self-confidence suffer along with their health.

The YMCA now provides more than 500,000 breakfasts a year across 83 schools in south east Queensland. But the need is BIG!

We aim to be not only providing breakfast to more than 200 schools in the next 2 years but we are educating the children on good nutrition and empowering them and their families with the skills to improve their food choices at home.


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